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The options below will help to help you quicker than you thought!
There is no cost for a diagnostic checkup and inspection to troubleshoot your machine.
From there, we will give you the best options to get you back up and running quickly.

Remote Support

Don't want to bring in your PC?
As long as you can get on the internet, we can help you remotely.
Click the icon to the left, run the file, then give us a call
(see bottom of this page), and we will get started.

Contact Us

By phone or email...

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Drop Off

Prefer to drop off your machine?
We have availabilty 24/7 so you can drop off when it's convenient for you.
We will diagnose (free of charge) and contact you with the details and the best way to proceed.

Pick Up

Want to schedule a pick-up?
Let us know when and where and we will schedule a time that's best for you to get your machine and get it on the bench right away!

Computer Recycling

That's right, we'll will take it at no charge!

We don't get charged to recycle it, so neither do you.

Contact us today to make arrangements.

On-site repair/install

From free business evaluations to the home visit to get grandma back on facebook and everything in between...we've got you covered!.

So call or email us today to find more how we can help you at a better price than you thought!

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